Author: Heather Irwin

Meet 20 Sonoma County residents advising lawmakers on cannabis’ future

A group of 20 Sonoma County residents — some well-known, others who’ve rarely (if ever) seen the limelight —  have been chosen to represent a wide swath of interests in the local green rush.  Working with County Supervisors, the Sonoma County Cannabis Advisory Group was recently formed to provide “a diverse perspective on the impacts of cannabis and cannabis regulations and to provide information and feedback to the County for developing, amending, and funding local cannabis programs and policies.” (See more) Why should you care? Because whether you’re a frustrated homeowner, a dispensary owner, a concerned parent, grower, business...

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Breaking new ground: Wine and weed leaders collaborate on biodynamic Sonoma Valley pot farm

Erich Pearson is no stranger to planting cannabis. As the CEO of SPARC and a longtime marijuana activist, he’s spent years farming pot indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses. But with his feet in the warm dirt of Sonoma Valley, even he’s a little choked up about what’s happening. “The is the first time planting in the ground,” he says, watching staffers from his San Francisco-based cannabis farming and dispensary company tuck foot-high starts into neat rows. The goal: The first ever biodynamic certified cannabis farm in California. On a sunny June day just outside of Glen Ellen, Pearson is...

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