Emerald Cup 2017 Winners: See who’s got the best cannabis

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Winners of the Flowers Category at the Emerald Cup 2017

Place  Contestant  Product
 1  Molecular Farms

Lemon Crush

 2  3rd Gen Family X Dying Breed Seeds  Roze
 3 Malcom Hunter – Cultivate for the Cure

Mac Daddy OG Private Reserve

 4 Pure Melt Rosin Ranch

Mimosa #3


Grownwell Farms

Sour Tangie

 6 Tarhill Cannabis

Lemon Hashplant


Eel River Sanctuary

 Humble Pie


 Lemon Tree

Tarhill Cannabis

Pink Lemonade

Kings of the North

 Glue Trap

Wynter Farms

 Lemon Kush

Golden Lion Genetics

 Berry Cobbler

Royal Budline

 Tangie Select

Greenshock Farms

 Purple Candy Cane

Farmers Reserve

 Gelato 33

Rebel Grown

Double OG Chem #7

Booney Acre Farm


Armando’s Private Reserve

 Gorilla Dawg

Higher Flower

 Scooby Snacks

Kings of the North

 White Tahoe Cookies

Molecular Farms


Molecular Farms

 Candy Limeade
 23  Salmuri Zkittles

Eden Farms x Karls Select

 Stardawg Afgoo

Derek’s Organic Anderson Valley Garden

 In the Pines

Light Dep Cannabis Winners at the 2017 Emerald Cup

Places Contestant Product
1st Eden Farms Edens White Fire
2nd Royal Budline Zkittles
3rd Spring Creek Farm Silver OG
4th Eden Farms Grape Soda
5th O.C.S. Original Connoisseur Society Black Pearl
6th Casa Humboldt Blueberry Muffin 10
7th Connected Cannabis Company Smarties
8th Forever Honeydew Farms Cheese
9th Humboldt Redwood Healing Sour OG
10th Phytologie Lemon Crush

CBD Winners at the 2017 Emerald Cup

Places Contestant Product Type
1st CAD (Carters Aromatherapy Designs) CBD Pain Cream Topicals
2nd Prana Prana Nectar Balm Topicals
1st Treatwell Balance Tinctures
2nd Miracle Relief Pure CBD Sublingual Serum Tinctures
1st OM Edibles CBD Mango Edbiles
2nd Lifted Sour Bites Edbiles
1st Gold Drop x Blue River CBDiamonds Concentrates
2nd Gold Drop x Blue River Star Crystals Concentrates
1st Molecular Farms Guava Jam Flowers
2nd Gold Drop x Blue River CBDiamonds Concentrates