Harvest SF: Haute Dispensary for the Other Half

San Francisco’s Harvest is a dispensary for the other half—the half who’ll spend up to $200 a gram to walk into a private, members-only lounge with leather couches, open shelving and a distinct lack of riff-raff. 

Recently opened on Geary Street, the open, airy space claims to have the “most advanced, chemically pure concentrates; and the healthiest and most delicious edibles.”  At a price.

As California advances quickly toward recreational marijuana sales, it’s a clear indication of the evolution of cannabis from fringe to posh, medication to artisan recreation for the wine bar crowd.  – Ginger Kush

Harvest dispensary in San Francisco is a new kind of upscale spot for 215 patients (Harvest)

Harvest dispensary in San Francisco is a new kind of upscale spot for 215 patients (Harvest)

Dispensaries are nothing new to Californians, but a new shop called Harvest in San Francisco apparently sets a new standard for high end dispensaries.

I for one am skeptical–I think this is what the North Bay has been doing all along. From what I can tell, though I have not visited Harvest yet, it doesn’t seem too different from our Mercy Wellness, Compassionate Care, Redwood Herbal Alliance or Peace in Medicine, with a few variances. I feel that these local spots prices are far more reasonable. Their hardwood floors, white walls with art are probably on par.


None of the local spots condone hanging out, or consuming on premises so they don’t provide leather couches and coffee table books like Harvest. If you have been to a dispensary outside those that I mentioned you might realize most of them are not as clean, bright, or well informed about their products as our local spots, or Harvest I imagine.

So if you are playing tourist for the day, it seems as though Harvest has you covered with very pure (95+%) concentrates from Guild Extracts, and the best examples of the most popular strains.

However, the prices can be pretty steep, depending on what you’re after.


In this article, it is reported that a gram of The Guild’s THC-A (crystalline, 99%+potency) is going for $218 (7×7). At the Emerald Cup I purchased a gram of  The Guild’s THC-A powder (90-96%) for $50.  Yes sure, you are paying for an experience of sorts.  This is where I am torn with a dispensary/ social club.  I also understand there would be some markup for a product being retailed through a third party instead of a direct sale.

A representative of Guild Extracts, which makes the THC-A product said that the prices for the powder I referred to were promotional prices for the Emerald cup. The THC-A Crystalline “is a higher priced item as it is the first in the market and is our “luxury” product,” said a rep. The THC-A powder which sold for $50 at the Cup sells for $87 at the dispensary.

The rep explained their pricing saying, “Due to its high potency, we feel that (the THC-A powder) provides tremendous therapeutic value to our patients while, as phenomenal as the Crystalline is, it’s more of a “hot commodity” which requires tremendous time and effort to produce,” adding, “our prices are consistent with products found elsewhere. The carefully curated medicines we are offering feature greater levels of quality, which for the price we are able to offer, is extremely competitive for its purity.” (Here is a price list on Weedmaps.com)

In my opinion, I see this as a response to the recent influx of wealthy Silicon Valley folk to the city who may be willing to pay more for certain types of medication. I feel that a patient with more serious medical conditions might not have the funding or desire to wade through the yoga pants and “man” buns to get  their pot.  Here is something else to chew on…

– Chris


  • M.J.

    I used to purchase at Mercy Wellness in Cotati and during that time, they upgraded their facility. Now when you walk in, the reception area looks like a small bar, with comfortable seating along the wall. I guess this is for people who are just signing up, because once you are registered, you won’t normally hang out in the reception area. They have music playing, it’s sort of free-flowing and you have to sort of guess “where is the line to pay?”. Lots of “hey brother!” and man hugs too. Sort of reminiscent of the bar scene. I now shop at a very low key place in Santa Rosa, very bare bones, and I prefer that. I purchase medical marijuana for medical reasons. I prefer my dispensary to have the look and feel of a dispensary, not a club. But that is just personal preference, and I’m glad there are variations in the local dispensaries. Something for most.

  • steele

    Unfortunately lust for tax dollars exceeds the common sense. I’m sure the day is coming when it will be legalized and I’m also sure the day will come when that day will be regretted.
    I know the stoner crowd will hate on this opinion but the fact is Ive never met a single stoner who was living up to 1/2 their potential and did not have some sort of issues.

  • Ron Supwood

    Stoners and their money are soon separated

  • A.J.

    Didn’t you listen to the Above the Influence commercials? Marijuana is a harmful drug, proven to be worse and more deadly than alcohol. Potheads usually use statistics saying 0 people die from cannabis use although REAL doctors and scientists who have studied cannabis use prove it kills hundreds of year in the US on a yearly basis.

  • Clive

    Mom and Dad will just have to realize that their sons and daughters need better weed and kick down more funds.

  • Sonny

    A.J.- Wake up and do some research before you post something that is based off your inability to open your mind and see what is real. I’m guessing you are the type of person that listens to everything that is said on the News…please just go away with your negativity

  • Zack

    If only you knew what those man hugs meant to people.

  • Juvenal451

    What with everyone being so desperately ill, do they really care about “scale,”…up, down or sideways?

  • QB

    I LOVE THIS. Benefactors welcome to recycle the concept. The ‘high end’ is where a lot of us find healing. This must be brought up in the right crowd. The possibilities are endless.

  • A.J.

    Smoking anything is bad for you and pot is no different. Anyways, THC in pot is linked to causing brain cell loss and could lead to brain damage. There is no reason to smoke pot unless you like making bad decisions. It’s not worth it for a quick damaging high.

  • Riff-raff

    Riff-raff lives matter!

  • marcus jensen

    @AJ . Are you a troll? Or just ill informed?

    Just for a minute- say you’re right. It “kills hundreds per years”. According to the CDC alcohol accounts for 1 in 10 preventable deaths. 88,000 per year. Smoking Tobacco causes 480,000 deaths a year- of which 42,000 are non-smokers exposed to tobacco smoke. 16 million americans live with a disease caused by smoking.

    Now- google “ACMD”+”David Nutt”+”Ranking of Drug Harms”+”The Lancet”. A study published a few years back in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet, prepared by the UK governments “Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs”. Which ranked numerous drugs by their cost to the individual- and to society. Cannabis is well down the scale.

    And there is no evidence of deaths caused by cannabis (in terms of it’s health effects). Yes- there are some possibly attributable to intoxication- driving or other accidents.

  • A.J.

    52% of Californians voted against Prop 19 a few years ago and I was one of them. That’s 52% of Californians against recreational pot. So many think like me, I’m not alone on my views of pot and I don’t believe in the lies of it being safe.

  • marcus jensen

    Sorry AJ- that was NOT 52% against recreational pot. I support legalization and voted against Prop 19 – as did everyone I know. Many of us voted against a poorly written law rather then against legalization – especially as there was no sense of urgency as Cannabis has been “legal enough” for a long time.

    And I suppose you noticed that Prop 19 was defeated in ALL the cannabis regions of the state? That people voted against it because it was a bad law not a bad idea.

    And you do realize this was a midterm election (and the one after America had dared to elect a black man president). Conservative- especially right wing turnout was very high. Democratic low. Less then half the californians voted as voted in either 2008 or 2012.

    And you do also realize that nationwide support for legalization is now over 50% ? That the latest polls in CA put the number at between 60-65% in support?

    And one must wonder- how many of those in the minority are people who still refuse to believe the host of scientific and medical research showing at worst minor harms in adults, and at best- many benefits. Who continue to believe long debunked lies…

  • Marcus Gomez

    A.J ”
    “Didn’t you listen to the Above the Influence commercials? Marijuana is a harmful drug, proven to be worse and more deadly than alcohol.” This comes from a person that’s either terribly misinformed or a flat out liar. The graveyard is full of alcoholics and those abused by them including children… Get drunk you beat up your family. Get stoned the only thing you’re going to best up is a bag of Funyuns–TRUTH!

  • Red

    Many of the wonderful folks posting on here lack facts to substantiate their claims. Unfortunately, the propaganda wheel turns strongly here. Folks talk about facts and anecdotal information regarding the stereotypical “Pothead”; however they lack any basis from which to provide their OPINIONS.

    FACT: Not all users of cannabis are low life underachievers. I have a master’s degree in accounting and have done Fortune 500 accounting before opening 5 of my own businesses.

    FACT: Silicon Valley employers have either stopped drug testing or remove cannabis as a disqualifier as they have found that so many of the geniuses they target use cannabis that their drug tests disqualify nearly 100% of the applicants.

    FACT: There has not been a better drug found to assist with child epilepsy in ANY traditional pharmaceutical format. Not meds, not Keto diet, nothing.

    FACT: My wife suffers from a terminal disease and is being treated by both the Mayo Clinic and UCSF. BOTH doctors agree that cannabis is much better for her than Vicodin or other pain management remedies.

    FACT: My father was in a horrible car accident and ended up on so many pain meds that he had to see a drug addiction counselor weekly as part of his medical treatment. His doctors jumped for joy when he asked if he could drop his meds and start using cannabis. Stops taking morphine the next day and hasn’t looked back in more than 2 years.

    FACT: One of the lead cancer researchers at UCSF and UCSC is currently working on a cannabis based drug for cancer patients as they have found that CBD, a cannabinoid found in cannabis, appears to be a miracle drug for killing cancer cells.

    FACT: Cannabis has proven to be the best intervention for PTSD sufferers.

    I suppose you are right. There is no logical reason for using cannabis and those who use it are just potheads. All those kids with epilepsy, cancer patients, soldiers with PTSD, etc are all just low life potheads looking for an excuse to get high. RIIIIIIGHT!

  • AJ

    That’s still 40% of us disagreeing with recreational pot use according to the survey you mentioned among Californians. Give me everything you got about pot and I don’t believe it. I have heard enough stories about serious anxiety and sickness that come from pot use. The people who need pot for illness are a vast minority, probably 1 out of 100 patients who have a card to use it. Nothing good comes out of drugs and you should have paid attention to school to learn it’s not okay. Of course you rebelled and assumed weed is okay because rappers say it is. Get real

  • JG

    Hi Chris…Ive been to Harvest and its actually a good vibe there. Good folks trying to do good work while removing another layer of perception on the Cannabis crowd. The increase in prices probably reflect all the time and money that went into setting the place up and making is a sustainable biz. I hope you will get a chance to visit and give it a fair review.