Puff, puff, paint: Weed and art classes in SF

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Friends don’t let friends drink and paint, because really, have you seen the stuff your grandma made in her Sip & Paint class? But weed and painting? Now there’s a natural pairing. 

To that end, San Francisco-based dispensary, SPARC, and DIY classroom space WorkshopSF have teamed up for a series of art and creativity workshops offering expert art instruction paired with an in-class cannabis sampling.

The first class in this series is called “SPARC Up & Sketch: Learn to Sketch What You See,” and will offer lessons focused on developing participants’ personal sketching technique and daily sketching practices. Meaning you don’t need a whole lot of skill, just a willingness to try.  WorkshopSF instructor Becca Schillinger will demonstrate a variety of mark-making and rendering techniques, focusing on drawing methods that don’t require previous drawing experience. Once all of the basic sketching skills are mastered, cannabis samples are offered to SPARC member attendees as they attempt to sketch out their final project – a cannabis-inspired still life tableau.

“At SPARC, we see daily how patients integrate their cannabis use in a way that inspires them to be creative, whether it’s the many software engineers or street artists that frequent SPARC, we like to think that the cannabis culture is fueling the creative culture here in San Francisco,” said Robbie Rainin, SPARC’s Retail Director, adding, “Teaming up with WorkshopSF to provide our members this opportunity exemplifies this creative integration.”

David Knight, co-owner of WorkshopSF, adds, “So many folks are jumping in on Sip & Paint classes, which generally pair wine drinking with painting lessons. With this SPARC Up and Sketch workshop series, we hope to offer a really fun alternative to that, which will pair cannabis with drawing,” he said, “We’re hoping to encourage folks to take on a creative endeavor like sketching and drawing, which is an activity they can easily keep doing once the class is over. And, we’d like to challenge them to build sketching, and creativity itself, into their own daily practice. Pairing the lessons with cannabis seems like a natural complement to achieving this creativity goal, and we look forward to working with SPARC to see it come to fruition!”

Attendees of the class will take home their own sketchbook and a drawing pencil. Tickets are being sold by WorkshopSF.  The class takes place at the SPARC dispensary at 1256 Mission St. and attendees must have a medical marijuana card.

Click here to learn more about these classes and when they’re being offered.

Photo: CNN story on Puff, Pass, Paint, a 420 friendly painting class offered in Colorado, Oregon and Washington.