Windsor bans pot grows

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Despite statewide legalization of marijuana, Windsor residents will not be able to grow pot in their backyards.

The Town Council voted 4-0 to pass an emergency ordinance that immediately prohibits outdoor cannabis growing, similar to action the city of Sonoma took this month.

About a half-dozen speakers addressed the council, most in support of the ban. It will be in effect for 45 days but can be extended a total of two years.

“It’s because of the impact to neighbors, the smell and safety aspect of it — people stealing plants and the violence associated with it,” Mayor Mark Millan said of the opinions voiced in support of the moratorium.

But there were others who said people should be able to grow cannabis so they don’t have to buy it.

Millan noted that pot cultivation is still possible indoors and in a greenhouse under a series of strict requirements.

Proposition 64, which was approved by California voters, allows six plants to be grown per household, but also allows local jurisdictions to ban outdoor cultivation and place restrictions on indoor grows.