Impressive Speaker Lineup For Emerald Cup

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One of the highlights of this year’s Emerald Cup is a stellar lineup of speakers discussing everything from terpenes and appellations to regenerative farming and state policy. Anything but a gathering of stoner philosophers, these professional panels include some of the industry’s top business, political, scientific and environmental thinkers.

Among them: Josh Wurzer, president of SC Labs; Sam Edwards of Sonoma Cannabis Company; Biochemist Jeff Raber, Grower Jorge Cervantes, Executive Director of Sonoma County Growers Alliance Tawnie Logan, Emerald Cup Founder Tim Blake, Assemblymember Jim Wood, Attorney Omar Figueroa, Executive Director of the California Growers Association Hezekiah Allen and many, many more.

Here are 10 discussions we’ll be checking out…
(Note: All speaker panels will occur in areas that do not require a medical marijuana prescription).

Appellation of Origin: Creating Terroir
Is there a place for wine-like terroir and appellations for cannabis in Northern California?

Terpenes: Creating the New Nomenclature for Cannabis
One of the buzziest topics in cannabis, terpenes are signature smells inherent in different strains. Think skunk, cheese, sweet candy, orange or pine.

Medical Cannabis Access for Veterans
Using cannabis for PTSD and other combat issues has proven to be helpful for many vets. How can they get the medicine they need?

Testing Regulations and the Future Impacts on Extracts
Legalization means mandatory testing. How will concentrates meet the strict testing standards?

Exploring the Cannabis Genome
Mapping the DNA of cannabis could change everything for users.

Government Agencies Panel
With legalization comes a lot of government oversight, but there are many questions about what that means.

Community Unifiers: County Organizations Making A Difference
Important names in local cannabis policy and growing

Regenerative Farming: Becoming Stewards of Your Land
Cannabis farming can be environmentally devastating. How some growers are using new earth-friendly techniques.

AUMA and MCRSA: Update Post Prop 64
Legalization passed. What’s next?

Left Behind: The Future of Felons
A major component of Prop. 64 was decriminalizing  minor marijuana possession charges. Will it help populations hit hard by drug enforcement?

For a full list of speakers, times and locations, click here.