Strain Review: Sunset Sherbet

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Sunset Sherbet has emerged as one of the most crossed strains this year, with good reason. Like the smoother, sexier older sister of Girl Scout Cookies, it’s a custardy, mellow, indica hybrid work seeking out.

The Stats: Sherbet is an indica-dominant hybrid (85 percent indica/15 percent sativa) with 16-20 percent THC and 1-3 percent CBD. The genetics on this one are brought to you by the creators of the wildly popular Girl Scout Cookies, a company owned by the rapper Berner and a group of breeders known as Cookies Fam.

Lineage: Needless to say this strain is GSC based, crossed with Pink Panties (another strain created by Cookies Fam).  This is where she gets her softer side, fruity flavors and less dense buds since it’s genetics chine from Blackberry and OG Kush.

Bud: The buds were just a little fluffier, not quite as dense, making it easier to break up. Cracking the bud you’ll get that strong skunky aroma indicative to the GSC, with citrus notes and almost a custardy softness that mellowed the astringency of the GSC.

The Burn: Sherbet burns just like it smells, with the custard flavor becoming a little more prominent.

The High: The high is a mellow indica experience, great for calming the thought process but not putting you to sleep;  and it is also a good one for extending sleep.  

The Pairing: I love chocolate with indicas anyways, but the softer tones on this one made the combo even better.  For savory food, a warm cup of creamy tomato soup and some crusty bread or grilled cheese will go great with the spicy tones of the sunset sherbert.  

The Takeaway: This is a great indica-dominant strain, from the high to the flavors it shares, this one should be appealing to most with its soft citrus notes, tight not overly dense buds, and nice mellow cerebral high.  Keep in mind this strain will vary from farm to farm and batch to batch.

Available at: Peace in Medicine, Mercy Wellness, Sonoma County collective,  and Sonoma Patient Group all have sherbet flowers in stock!