Sonoma City Council to workshop cannabis-related businesses

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The Sonoma City Council is holding a community workshop at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 11, to help decide which types of cannabis-related businesses, if any, should be allowed in Sonoma and, if allowed, where they would be located and how they would operate.

Due to recent state law changes, cities and counties across California are exploring these new regulations and policy options concerning both medicinal and recreation cannabis.

Legalized cannabis and related business activity is an entirely new area of law and land use regulation for California communities to consider.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide context and education regarding cannabis in order to:

• Provide an overview on state regulations affecting cannabis (both recreational and medicinal) and options/issues/opportunities facing cities;

• Inform Council and the community about current status of regulations in the City of Sonoma;

• Receive an update about the status of cannabis in Sonoma County and Sonoma Valley specifically;

• Learn about status of other agencies in the region;

• Hear from law enforcement regarding cannabis;

• Understand policy options facing City of Sonoma.

A panel of speakers will be present, including subject-matter experts from the City Attorney’s Office, Sonoma Police, City and Sonoma County Planning. The City has hired Muni Services, a consulting firm to local governments with expertise in cannabis audit and consultative services to several localities in California, to assist the City as they develop a comprehensive medical marijuana policy.

(This article originally appeared on September 8, 2017)