I’ll Take The Side Salad: Is Raw Weed The New Superfood?

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There are so many ways to use marijuana that it’s almost unbelievable that the easiest way to consume it has been thus far overlooked – eating it raw.

Dr. William Courtney a big believer in medical marijuana,  has recently said that raw weed is a “dietary essential” due to the cannabinoid acids found in it. It turns out that these acids are essential to basic cell function, and are only available when weed is consumed in its raw form.

It turns out that by smoking, vaping, or cooking cannabis to be used in edibles, these cannabinoid acids are turned into slightly different chemicals; most well known as psychoactive THC and cannabinoid CBD. While these are beneficial, Dr. Courtney explains;

“We have a series of cannabis strains called ACDC. ‘AC’ stands for alternative cannabinoid, which is the CBD acid molecule, which has come into focus lately as being very important as an anti-inflammatory. And ‘DC’ stands for dietary cannabis. […] If you do heat it, then your dose is around 10mg. And if you don’t heat it, if it’s raw, then your dose is around one to 1-2,000mg.”

In short, Courtney is saying that when you eat raw cannabis, your body is able to process large amounts of THCa and CBDa without issue, and can then convert the acids into the nutrients it needs via your own metabolism. He further suggests that high doses of raw CBDa and THCa are much more effective than their broken-down counterparts when it comes to their: anti-inflammatory properties, anti-diabetic properties, and anti-ischemic properties.

The suggested way to consume raw weed, in case you were wondering, is through juicing or blending uncured flower or fan leaves, or adding leaves in with other veggies when making a salad.

Like anything else, more research needs to be done to show just how raw cannabis is metabolized, and those that have tried it have stated that raw weed won’t get you high, and doesn’t taste good. For now, the jury is still out on the efficacy of this practice.