Gordon Ramsay Pretends He’s Shocked Hotelier is High; Convinces No One

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Best known as the short-tempered chef of Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay has expanded his T.V.presence to another show called Hotel Hell where he helps struggling hotel owners figure out how to save their business. In this episode recently filmed at a hotel in Colorado, Ramsay put on one of the best performances of his life: pretending not to have been able to identify the smell in the room, or have been able to identify the plants in the jar (spoiler alert: it wasn’t cilantro.)

What was probably the most honest part in the whole segment was how high the hotel owner, Richard, was the entire time. From the overly chill exhortation of “Just relax….” to his sleeping dog, along with the spontaneous bouts of laughter, Richard was the real deal.

Watching Ramsey tense up, curse, and pace around with almost manic energy, it may be fair to say that he’d do well to take a page out of Richard’s book for a day or so and just chill. Check out the clip to see if you agree…