Privée Social Club in LA Caters to VIPs Who Want High-End When They Get High

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Sailene Ossman, the owner of the Westside’s “oldest and most iconic [weed] delivery service,” and ‘cannapreneur’ Olivia Alexander, teamed up to found an exclusive, members-only elite marijuana club called the Privée Social Club in Los Angeles. 

A recent article in LA Weekly chronicles their opening night: there were centerpieces of buds in glass jars, platters of edibles that included brownies and macaroons, along with a well-dressed gentleman teaching anyone interested how to dab.

Far different than a dispensary, the Privée Social Club ‘curates high-end weed products, puts on cannabis-centric parties and provides 24-hour concierge services for an “ultra-VIP” clientele.’

Ossman credits the passage of Prop. 64 with their newfound push to increase membership and help members open their minds “to a new adventure in an old paradigm.”

“We can come out of that green closet and we can talk about it, all we want now,” Ossman said.

Though she’s optimistic about how weed is being viewed and talked about as the laws change, home delivery of weed is still illegal in the city of L.A. Privée still stakes most of their business on it, however, making sure they know all the legal loopholes. Ossman states, “There’s beautiful ways around it [delivery laws], and that’s why you have good lawyers.”

Despite these minor setbacks, Privée Social Club is on the forefront of being part of high-end, luxury marijuana product sales and events for weed connoisseurs who have higher than average incomes and want the exclusivity and discreetness that these clubs provide.

“There’s a special echelon of clients that absolutely needs exclusivity,” Ossman said. “They really don’t want to be seen going into a dispensary, when there are storefront places you can get it legally. They still don’t want to be seen that way.”

As noted on Privée’s website, the club promotes “discovery, education and just a little bit of hedonism.” To join, prospective members must fill out an online application that gets reviewed by a committee. They must also list the name of two people they know who are already in the Privée club.

If they’re accepted, the members pay an annual fee of $300, $500 or $1,000, depending on the services they want access to. In addition to this one-time payment, they pay additional fees to have cannabis products delivered on a weekly, or monthly, basis. Members also get to order from Privée’s “vault” of goodies, which includes waxes, edibles, and specialty items. One of these specialty items is the Lit Kit, which is intended for a ladies night in and includes a THC/CBD bath bomb, single joint and chocolate weed heart.

“That’s a date with yourself like nobody’s business,” Ossman remarked.