Video Goes Viral with Priest, Rabbi, and Atheist Smoking Weed Together

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What do a pries, a rabbi and an atheist have in common? They all smoke weed.

Well, these three did, anyway. The Huffington Post found this clip produced by, in which a priest, a rabbi, and an atheist really did sit down together to smoke weed and talk religion in Washington State.

The rabbi is Jim Mirel, the Rabbi Emeritus at Temple B’nai Torah in Bellevue. The priest is Rev. Chris Schuller, who’s the former rector at St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church in St. Petersburg, Florida. Carlos is the atheist who describes himself as a ‘conservative homosexual’ who grew up in both the Southern Baptist and Roman Catholic faiths.

I watched the video so you don’t have to (though maybe you should). Here’s how it goes down;

They begin by talking about their experiences with marijuana, with the atheist showing the priest how to set up a bong. The priest takes the first hit, which devolves into a coughing fit, while the rabbi helps himself to the bong with no problems at all.

Cut to five minutes later, and each one has been given a joint – it would appear that the bong wasn’t for beginners. Fifteen minutes later, and the rabbi and atheist are still smoking, with the priest looking slightly uncomfortable.

Then, the rabbi and atheist begin talking about religion, with the atheist speaking about how he was excommunicated by the diocese (he was a foster child being raised by Catholics) because he was gay. This is where the priest picks up his joint and begins smoking again.

Twenty minutes in, and the priest is now high. He begins speaking about the beauty and palpability of god. The atheist cuts him off to deny that there are any stories, and that science has disproven it. The rabbi continues to smoke without comment.

The atheist keeps talking, and 35 minutes into the smoking session states, “I’m really high. Sorry.”

Here’s where the rabbi breaks his silence, stating, “I like what you’re saying, but everything about who you say you are, what your life is like, what you do, what you think – to me that speaks about a person of faith.” He continues talking, and the atheist begins nodding.

45 minutes later they start to smoke some more, and begin talking about religion and things ‘coming out of the sky.’ An hour into it and they’re all talking about how much they like each other and hope to remain friends.

At this point, the people who are filming begin asking questions about the bible. Then, when they bring up ash Wednesday, the priest says a prayer and puts the ash on the atheist’s forehead, the atheist puts ash on the priest’s forehead, and the rabbi says a Hebrew blessing to the priest. The priest is out of the frame now, and the rabbi speaks with, and blesses, the atheist.

The priest returns, and as they wrap up their session both the atheist and rabbi take another hit from the bong.

At this point, it’s clear that all three of them are seriously high.

This recap is okay, but it’s worth it to take 8 minutes out of your day to watch it.