PAX Era: A Vape for Techies

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A vape pen with an app that let’s you control the temperature, records your usage, has a lock feature and the sleek, modern look of a smart device? Yes, please.

For years, PAX products have been at the forefront of portable flower vaporizers. Their products have always been tech-savvy, but the PAX Era — which is exclusively for concentrates–has really sold us with this convenient and discreet product.

The stats: A little shake lights up the Pax’s X light in the device, letting you know it’s on and ready for action. We used the app to control the heat, which is a nice feature on a $60 pen. The pen is sold without a cartridge (called Pods), which cost an additional $40, so you’re looking at about $100 for the set-up. We’ve only had to charge the 240 mAh battery once in two months, which is surprising, since it’s at the low end of the e-cig battery range, but this tiny pen puts out quite the hit. The charger is USB-enabled, making it easy to charge with smart-device equipment.

pax_era_pod_beautyThe pen: Made of bead-blasted anodized aluminum, the PAX Era has a nice, solid feel in your hands, and doesn’t require any button pushing. To fully enjoy this pen you really need the Bluetooth-enabled app for adjusting temperature and locking the vape, but it includes time wasters like changing the color of the lights and even playing games. We also like being able to track usage and amount, making it good for accurate dosages.

The cartridge:The PAX Era has a proprietary cartridge that reminds me of a mini printer cartridge, and comes in child-proof packaging. The pods are simple to swap out, with no mess or unscrewing, just a gentle pull. Currently, Bloom Farms is the exclusive vendor of the cartridges (indica, sativa and hybrid) for the PAX Era, but rumor has it there will be more variety shortly. 

pax_era_podThe Concentrate: Bloom Farms makes good clean CO2 extracted products that are lab tested and consistent. I tried out the indica, and was really pleasantly surprised. There was no harsh burn from a fiber wick and the concentrate was smooth, but fairly flavorless. Just like an indica should be, it was calming and a little sedative. 

This is not your average concentrate pen. Yes, it can work like your standard pen, but that’s like having the newest, fastest computer and just playing Solitaire on it. With all the things you can adjust on the pen with the app, this is the most techie, interactive pen we’ve experienced.

Find it: PAX products are available online, but the Pods are only sold at dispensaries. In the North Bay, Sonoma Patient Group, Redwood Herbal Alliance and Peace in Medicine have the PAX Era, and concentrate Pods.