Master Jedi

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Maker: Xtractology
Method: Concentrate/Shatter
THC: 81.35%
CBD: .06%
Type: Indica
Terpine Concentration: 4.527%
Process: Closed loop dry scroll purge

From the Private Reserve selection of this Northern California concentrate producer, Master Jedi definitely gives the focus of its namesake. We found it to have a real cerebral high, which is great for single-focused tasking. What makes us so fond of Xtractology’s products is the rigid testing of each batch at SC Labs and batch number on the label (you can look up the results on the site).

Master Jedi is definitely a relaxer, but unlike some stronger Indicas, it wasn’t a day-stopper. The force is strong with this one.

master_jed_concFamily Tree: Most likely a cross between Master Kush and Jedi Kush. The Master Kush flavors definitely shine through.

The Look: The concentrate looked great, crystal clear with a mellow yellow hue, pretty standard by Xrtactology standards

The Taste: Though we didn’t get a lot of strong terpine flavors, the skunky and almost nutty aromas of the Master Jedi comes through nicely.

Pair With: You might not get a huge munchie craving with this one, but the dark, herbal flavors made us crave a nice warm turkey sandwich on rosemary bread, with plenty of lettuce and mayo. That, or a bag of sour cream and onion chips. Either way.

Currently available at: Sonoma County Collective
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