Study finds that what most marijuana users want is a good night’s sleep

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In a recent article from Forbes magazine, a survey from Consumer Research Around Cannabis has found that most people use marijuana to get to sleep, with pain relief being a close contender for reasons to imbibe.

After speaking with 1,258 people in Denver, Wyoming, and Nebraska that stated they use marijuana, it was discovered that 47.2% of them cited sleep as their main motive for using it. In fact, fighting insomnia is such a common practice that sites such as HelloMD even suggest the best strains for it, as well as giving other practical advice such as using edibles for the long-term effects.

Another reason many respondents give for using cannabis as a sleep aid is that unlike prescription drugs like Ambien, or over the counter sleep aids, marijuana does not leave them feeling groggy in the morning.

As for the hard-partying stereotype? Only about 28.5% responded that they use marijuana to party, or have a good time, and 32.8% said they use it to enhance their creativity.

The one other ‘stoner stereotype’ that this survey maybe disproved was that of the weed smoker as being broke or unemployed. It turns out that 42% of the respondents have IRA’s and/or 401K’s, 18% of them trade stocks, and 19% are holding over $100,000 in liquid assets.