Marijuana Dating Coach Helps Stoners Find True Love

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Molly Peckler is a life/dating coach who believes it’s important that those who love weed should make sure the person they decide to date does too. As she states on her life coaching website,

“Cultivate confidence – the logical approach to developing lasting confidence in life, love and cannabis.”

Peckler recently spoke with the Cannifornian about this new approach to dating. She’s a longtime marijuana enthusiast, as well as an advocate of both the plant’s ability to act as medicine and to help people relax in a friendly environment. With her past work as both a dating coach and a marijuana consultant, blending the two seemed to make sense. She does this by methods such as holding face-to-face coaching sessions with clients in Southern California, and Skype sessions with singles out of the area, offering advice on how to stop counterproductive dating habits and create new connections.

In another interview with Vice magazine, she adds: “I had the opportunity to join a cannabis consulting firm. I got the background in cannabis consulting and not long after realized I want to be able to bring my greatest talent—my ability to help people in their love lives—to cannabis consumers. I saw that there was just such a huge need in the market.”

“If cannabis is important to you, that has to be reflected not only in your relationship, but in how you look for a partner So many people get into a relationship and one person smokes and the other person doesn’t, and then the smoker is forced to be a little bit secret about what is going on, and whenever there are secrets in a relationship that’s just toxic.”

To clarify, her company isn’t a matchmaking service; it’s a coaching service where she brings people together who are avid cannabis consumers and lets them know that being open about their habit is the best way to develop a long-term, lasting relationship. She states, “I created Highly Devoted because I know that there are millions of responsible cannabis consumers out there who need a little bit of help in the love department. They want to confide in someone who understands them and respects them. There are a lot of matchmakers and therapists who look down on weed. They don’t understand how it can fit into a healthy lifestyle and a healthy relationship. Marijuana has helped my husband and me to forge a much deeper bond than we ever would without it. That’s one of the reasons why we’re so compatible.”

As for her clients, she says that while some of them do work in the cannabis industry, more are entrepreneurs, technology experts or other professionals who look for dating advice, but also just happen to enjoy marijuana.

Her pricing ranges from $1,000 to $3,000, and she admits that she’s catering to a “more sophisticated clientele” than what many usually associate with stoners. She noted that the biggest complaint these professionals have is how hard it is to find other weed enthusiasts. To answer this ‘problem’, she started the Singles Speakeasy, which are organized singles meet-ups on rooftops in Los Angeles and Denver, with other marijuana advocates like Love and Marij and Faerie Jane. These events are invitation only, and will often include snacks and products from local dispensaries.

While Peckler started out in Chicago, Illinois, she and her husband relocated to Venice Beach, California. While medical marijuana is legal in both states, she finds that the scene here is more beneficial for her business. Who knows, maybe we’ll find her at an event in Sonoma County soon.