Bill Maher Celebrates 420th Show By Having Roger Stone Bring Him a Marijuana Cake

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Comedian Bill Maher and Trump’s former campaign advisor, Roger Stone, recently shared a cake on Maher’s HBO political talk show, Real Time. A cake decorated with a huge marijuana leaf, that is.

According to recaps in both The Hill and the Washington Examiner, Maher invited Stone to be on his show as part of a panel discussion about legal marijuana that included former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and former National Security Agency director Michael Hayden.

Though Maher is a staunch Democrat, and Stone a Republican (now a libertarian), it turns out they both agree on the legalization of marijuana.

“There’s an issue we agree on — marijuana. You think [Attorney General] Jeff Sessions is wrong … to be such a hard-ass on marijuana,” Maher said before asking, “Is that because you yourself are a Roger Stoner?”

“Only when I’m in the states where it’s legal,” Stone quipped. “Candidate Trump said we should let the states decide. He was absolutely right.”

Towards the end of the interview with Stone, Maher asked further about his Stone’s thoughts concerning marijuana policy. Stone said the Attorney General is “completely wrong” about his opposition to recreational pot use, even though Sessions hasn’t yet cracked down on states that have legalized it. Stone had written an article urging Trump to let it remain a states-rights issue, though marijuana use is still illegal according to federal law.

Maher joked about this show being his 420th, and turned to Mr. Stone, saying, “I need to get high. … Roger, will you bring out the cake?” Stone brought out a large cake decorated with a green 420 and a confectionery marijuana leaf. Maher kept the jokes going, saying “We’re going to share this after the show, Roger,” Maher said. “I know you say you’re not a stoner … this cake is completely baked with pot. It is totally edible. Gentlemen, may I cut you a piece?”

For the record, it’s highly unlikely that the cake contained marijuana.