Its Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale commemorates a 2005 St. Patrick’s Day raid by state Alcohol Beverage Control agents to arrest employees smoking pot at the Petaluma plant.

Jeremy Marshall, the brewer for Lagunitas, said he valued working with CannaCraft, especially its high-tech labs that conduct the extraction process using pressurized carbon dioxide.

As beer drinkers want to explore the newest versions of hoppy India Pale Ales, Marshall said terpenes can play a valuable role in creating unique aromas and mouthfeels to a drink.

For SuperCritical, Marshall used terpenes from the Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookie cannabis strains, which were combined with seven different hop strains. The beer registers 6.6 percent alcohol by volume, rather low for Lagunitas.

“I think it will be no different than other mainstays in my spice rack I can use,” Marshall said of terpenes.

In fact, Hunter said terpenes are an emerging cannabis category that is likely to grow in terms of marketplace acceptance, expanding beyond its use to get high with THC or to provide pain relief via another cannabinoid, CBD. Terpenes could work especially well as an aroma and flavor enhancement for food, he said.

“A few years ago … it was hardly talked about,” Hunter said of terpenes. “It’s the buzzword everywhere now.”

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