Frame and cannabis: See the best visuals from this year’s High Art contest

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Inspired bursts of creativity. Experiments with mind-altering substances. Colorful splashes that buck traditional forms.

Pop and psychedelic art may have peaked in the ’60s, but there are scores of contemporary artists producing works that are worth a second look. High Art, a contest sponsored by Natural Cannabis Company and Juxtapoz Magazine, is an annual showcase for artists who draw inspiration from cannabis. You may catch a visual contact high from some of the colorful, tripped-out and political pieces of art.

“Freedom” was the theme for this year’s competition, and the interpretations here are as varied as the artists themselves. Winning submissions will be featured in the High Art gallery in Santa Rosa and online for posterity. First place takes home $15,000 plus a $10,000 donation made in the winner’s name to an international charity.

Much of last year’s art looked to be inspired by Hieronymus Bosch. Winners of the 2018 contest run the creative gamut, from female figures embracing colorful, cosmic introspection to bold, Shepard Fairey-style iconography.

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