Taste of the Emerald Triangle: Harvest Box 2016

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  • Terpine nerds will go nuts for this 28-gram bonanza of buds from the 2016 Emerald Triangle Harvest. Made to savor.
  • $190, Natural Cannabis Company

Imagine 28 grams of the best marijuana from the 2017 Northern California harvest. Grown on small Mendocino, Humboldt and Sonoma County farms. In a box. On your lap. For under $200.

Which may have something to do with the fact that a review of the  taken more than a month to properly explain why the Natural Cannabis Company’s Best of Harvest Box is the Emerald Report’s first Editor’s Pick.

The Deal: Think of it as a 28-course meat at the French Laundry; 28 bottles of the finest Bordeaux or a terpine-to-terroir tour of the Emerald Triangle. Thing is, this is a box to savor and explore rather than a quick toke. We spent (literally) weeks comparing grams of Pre-98 and Mendo Glue with Tangie and Purple Pineapple. For newer smokers, these flowers are an education in the range of colors, smells, trichromes and flavors. For vets, the box is a solid geography lesson.


The Critique (from Reviewer Chris Hanson): “Since each gram is individually packaged in an airtight container, this box could last you months if you are a light weekend smoker. When you do the math this is also a great deal. For  $190 you receive 28 grams, around $6.75 a gram excluding taxes. Overall  the product in the container, the containers, the idea and the price point are great.  As an Indica guy I was hoping for a few more but overall the variety was abundant.”

Standouts: Tangie; Memberberry Diesel; Jah Kush, G-5, Banjo

Natural Cannabis Company's Harvest Box 2016

Natural Cannabis Company’s Harvest Box 2016

The Sell: “This unique collection represents the absolute best of the 2016 harvest and was curated for aroma, flavor, uniqueness and potency.Natural Cannabis Company works exclusively with small farms in Northern California, many located throughout the famous Emerald Triangle and all growing some of the best cannabis in the world. Each box contains 28 unique grams (1 oz) of superior cannabis..” – Natural Cannabis Company 

Where to Buy: Available at all three Natural Cannabis Company Northern California locations: Oakland Organics, Oakland; OrganiCann, Santa Rosa; MendoCann, Hopland.

The Strains and Farms:
Good Life Farms: Gorilla Glue #4

Blazing Oaks: Watermelon Rancher

Catalyst Farms: Passion Orange Guava

OCD Farms: Do-Si-Do

Dos Rios Farms: Jah-Kush

Eel River Farms: Purple Pineapple

Giving Tree Farms: C4

Glen Tucky Family Farm: Pre-98

GreenShock: Purple Candy Cane

Joe’s Farm: Blueberry Cheese

Marley’s Farm: Lemon Garlic OG

McNab Cannabis: Memberberry Diesel

Mendo Dope Family Farms: Qrazy Train

Nara Farms: Durban Mango

Next Year Farms: Banjo

Perfect Flower Farms: Mendo Glue

Queen: Tangie

Rio Oso Flowers: Crypt

Robinson Creek Farms: Cherry Shish

Cannacoast FML Farms: G5

SOG Army: Sour Amnesia

Stoney Mountain Farms: Jack Herer

Strong Mountain Farms: Pineapple

Team Happy Medicine: Burban

Lavish Blooms Farms: Boost

Walnut Lane Farms: John Snow

Yellow Star Farms: Cherry Slider

Zsa Zsa Gardens: Amethyst Rose