Chrontella: Weed-Infused Nutella Knock-Off Gets Nutty


The Internet nearly broke yesterday with news of Chrontella, the lovechild of cannabis and Nutella. The THC-infused chocolate hazelnut spread is a product of the Canadian company, Cannavis.

But before you get all hand-clappy about this news, we’re gonna bust your bubble by telling you it’s not actually available. I mean, it was, but when people got all crazy trying to get this $35 Nutella knock-off, the company’s Instagram went dark and it’s pretty much impossible to find. The Cannavis website only sells flavored cannabis syrups and makes no mention of Chrontella or the company’s other childhood fave knock-offs: “Smoker’s Jelly” and Pif peanut butter (which also appeared online).

This isn’t the first time chocolate and weed have been introduced. In fact, “Nugtella” another hash oil-infused chocolate hazelnut spread took the Interwebs by storm in 2013. The company that makes it, Organicares, still sells it.

But this probably isn’t news if you’re a 215 patient in California. The world of cannabis edibles is exploding in a smorgasbord of chocolates, cookies, hard candy, tea, cheesecake, caramels, popcorn, granola and, well, the list is never-ending.

And this isn’t just the stuff your cousin cooks up in his dorm-room hotplate. These are edibles made by professional bakers, slickly packaged and tested for potency. Marijuana edibles, which take longer to kick-in and whose effects can take hours to wear off, are popular with those who don’t want to inhale smoke or vapor (or can’t), especially for chronic pain management.

Here are some more edibles available locally to medical marijuana patients…

Raspberry cannabis truffle

Raspberry cannabis truffle

– Kiva Chocolate Bar
– Bhang Toffee chocolate
– Gluten free Cannabis granola
– Pecan Pot pie
– Stokes Confections raspberry truffle
– Gluten-free vanilla macaroons

Because of the obvious appeal of cookies and candy to folks who may not know what they’re getting into (especially kids and pets), edibles (obviously) must be kept somewhere locked and safe, only for use by 215 patients.