What are Californians buying at dispensaries?

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California’s cannabis habits are now being closely tracked by research companies, looking at everything from how much we’re spending ($681 million in a three month period), to how and what we’re consuming. Press Democrat cannabis writer Julie Johnson delves into the full report from BDS Analytics here.

Want the highlights? Here are a few fascinating numbers we’ve pulled out. Keep in mind, however, that this only tracks legal purchases at dispensaries. With an estimated 80-90 percent of California’s cannabis crop still being sold on the black market, the numbers are likely far higher.

Products sold at California dispensaries, April-June 2017:

$375 million on cannabis flowers
$170 million on concentrates
$82 million on edibles
$34 million in pre-rolled joints
$20 million on other products like devices and apparel
Source: BDS Analytics

Best-selling cannabis strains (flowers only) at California dispensaries, April-June 2017:

1. Blue Dream
2. Golden Goat
3. Durban Poison
4. Gorilla Glue
5. Green Crack
6. Flo
7. Mob Boss
8. Lemon Skunk
9. Gorilla Glue #4
10. Sour Diesel
Source: BDS Analytics