Attack of the drones? Hardly. California shoots down cannabis delivery-by-drone idea

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It seemed like a solid idea: Have your flowers, edibles, or tinctures dropped off by a remote-controlled drone – no traffic and completely safe.

Not so fast.

According to a recent LA Times report, California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control has decided that this idea isn’t cleared for takeoff. Citing an initial study released on Sept. 6, the bureau repeated their position that marijuana has to be carried in either trailers or commercial vehicles – no drones allowed.

The Bureau hoped to get ahead of the Jan. 1 deadline when marijuana will be allowed for sale for adult use in California. In the study, the Bureau outlines that transportation of marijuana cannot be done by aircraft, watercraft, rail, or drones, among others. (Sorry, no autonomous vehicles either).

The rule does differ from the federal drone regulations, which do allow for package delivery as long as it’s done within sight of the pilot, but it does fit neatly within Federal regulations, where marijuana being delivered by any means is still illegal.

But for those who can’t or don’t want to drive to a dispensary – no matter the reason – delivery of weed by commercial vehicle is still allowed. Of course, they operate within another set of limitations; the biggest being that they may not be under the influence of marijuana while delivering it.