Review: Garden Society Bliss Blossoms Milk Chocolate

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The Herba Buena dispensary has recently added Garden Society Bliss Blossoms to their edibles offering; fancy looking cubes of milk chocolate that are infused with passion flower and with a hybrid Indica/CBD mix. Herba Buena is a delivery-only dispensary based in Sonoma County that specializes in biodynamic gardening for its product.

The packaging is discreet, looking like a boutique chocolate box you’d gift on Mother’s Day, and the eight solid chocolate cubes inside are decorated with a bright pink logo. The nature of the package means that it will likely be overlooked by nosey guests poking around your shelves, but also necessitates keeping it in places where both children or pets won’t find them.

The description states that passion flower is a calming herb ‘believed to relieve anxiety and insomnia’ and that the ‘Indica hybrid cannabis strain (will) help relax your mind and body,’ and it does – right to sleep. Within an hour of consuming a piece, the body will relax, and an hour after that someone will either be locked on the couch or in bed asleep.

Each cube of chocolate contains 10mg of THC, and it has a slight smell of cannabis, but not an overwhelming taste of it. The makers suggest starting out with half a cube to begin with – as with any edible – and this is a good rule to follow with this edible.