Wanted: Chief of Pot?

Gov. Jerry Brown’s office has put the feelers out for a Chief of Pot, better known as head of the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation. according to a report from the Sacramento Bee.

The job would entail everything from writing legislation for permits for growers, sellers, and buyers, to disciplinary actions for those that don’t abide by the rules.  They would also be the face of the bureau to media and consumers.

Why? Amendments to Bill SB1262-18102 add a position of “chief” or commissioner of pot to regulate the largely unregulated industry of medical marijuana.

With a $100k-plus salary someone might take the job, but it doesn’t say anywhere that they are looking for someone with any knowledge of the industry. Instead, they’re looking more for a bureaucrat to write a bunch of legislation.  Without knowledge of the industry it will be difficult to construct a system that will work around the already existing infrastructure.

Want to apply? Here’s the job posting.

Who do you think could fill the job?

  • Bob

    Stoners with burnt out brain cells need not apply!

  • CaliCron

    Conservative zealots need not comment! Legalization & decriminalization is inevitable…quit crying & accept it!

  • Carl Lipbaum

    Hire a Tokin’ Conservative…a progressive can’t run it.

  • cate

    there goes the government again, regulating everything. how much will this”czar” and his/her administration cost us?
    Can we please have limited government in California?

  • Kief

    What was the question?

  • KevinB

    Get Tom Allman, Sheriff of Mendocino County.

  • Devin

    “Can we please have limited government in California”
    Of course you can, all you need to do it vote republican
    The same liberalsize have been running california for a long long time. If you need someone to blame, blame them.

  • Silence Dogood

    Watch a unqualified, but politically connected, former politician to “park” themselves there to collect more tax dollars for nothing.

    Typical California government crap.

  • CaliCron

    Devin…the previous governor of California was a Republican. If you recall the state was in debt after his term. Enron duped the taxpayers of California out of billions. After Arnold left office it took a Democrat to clean up the mess. Now we have a tax surplus thanks to Jerry Brown. Legalization of marijuana will bring in millions upon millions of tax dollars to add to our surplus. California’s largest cash crop will return the state to its previous standing (i.e. pre Republican control!).