‘Trimmigrants’ Are Looking For Easy Summer Work; Some Marijuana Growers Are Looking For Something Else

It’s no secret that the marijuana industry brings an infusion of money and seasonal work to the part of the North Bay known as the Emerald Triangle, but there’s a darker side to the industry.

Many of the seasonal job-seekers who painstakingly trim the marijuana flowers are young women who can end up victims of intimidation and sexual abuse. Often taken to remote farms deep in the forest unwitting females, often in their teens and early 20s, are especially easy prey for unscrupulous growers.

According to this recent article by Reveal News, the lure of money brings backpackers, students, and others by the busload every summer. Usually seeking funds for college, travel or just a lucrative summer job, these “trimmigrants” get into trucks or vans without knowing exactly where they’re going, unable to communicate with friends and family for months.

Legal California sales alone were valued at $2.7 billion last year, according to The ArcView Group, a marijuana market research firm. Sales are projected to balloon to $6.4 billion by 2020 if marijuana is legalized for recreational use. “It’s big business, drawing busloads of job seekers,” said reps.

Here are some of the accounts given to Reveal News about what these summer jobs have entailed for them;

“Students from the nearest college, Humboldt State University, return from a summer of trimming marijuana buds with tales of being forced to give their boss (oral sex) to get paid. Other “trimmigrants,” who typically work during the June-to-November harvest, recount offers of higher wages to trim topless.

During one harvest season, two growers began having sex with their teenage trimmer. When they feared she would run away, they locked her inside an oversized toolbox with breathing holes.”

The article does note that these incidents are the exceptions and that most grow farms are legal and make sure that their workers are fairly treated. However, many young women who pursue seasonal jobs as trimmers now often travel in pairs and the small towns where they arrive for work now keep a vigilant eye out for wrongdoing.

There’s hope that a move towards legalization will bring stricter regulations and accountability for these farms. Read the full article on Reveal News here for a closer look at the lives of ‘trimmigrants.’


To learn more about life as a ‘trimmigrant,’ read the Press Democrat article here.

  • Dave Kaylor

    Right…hide out…stay low..don’t attract any L.E. attention….then capture some helpless victims and commit sex crimes…makes a lot of sense…i believe everything i read..

  • Left Unsaid

    Common sense would indicate its not a good idea to go deep int eh woods to work an illegal job for someone you don’t even know. But they’re VICTIMS!

    • Juvenal451

      It’s a cautionary tale, isn’t it?

  • Jake Torres

    Again, it lures these workers. They should know what they’re getting into.

  • Rod Munch

    …so I went to work for a Mexican drug cartel, and by golly, I was shocked at how unscrupulous my employer was.

    • Dave Kaylor

      No Mexican drug cartel mentioned…more than likley p-o trimmers that found that they have been replaced with a machine…2 years now

      • polyesterday

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        • Dave Kaylor

          whatever makes you feel good..go for it.

          • Juvenal451

            Polyesterday is trapped in the Google rabbit hole. Call the Sheriff and get me some rope….

    • theseeker1111

      …so I went to work for Fox news, and by golly…

    • Dave Kaylor

      The truth…They get fed breakfast, lunch and dinner..and nobody gets touched.

  • sesameseed

    You have to expect a down side when the boss tells you getting stoned on the job is a great idea.

  • Mortie Rabb

    Shocking and stupid

  • Otto Willis

    Everyone knows work for the gay growers they even have a healthy chef on hand to feed, a massage therapist and yoga time & treat you kindly & women don’t get harassed

  • Avalanche

    Apparently there are some things all interns have in common.

    • JoeCommentor

      Ding! Ding! Give that man a cigar!!

  • Misternomer

    This article is a poor example of journalism.

    • Guest1

      What ever sells is the bottom line.

    • Juvenal451


      • Misternomer

        Propaganda based on supposition…
        Though this issue is real,
        the authors approach is not to inform us of the details…
        Simply to hock another authors work.

  • Mike T

    All part of the business, sex, drugs and rock and roll.

  • Frank Murphy

    So you go to work for criminals who rape the land by poisoning all of the wildlife, polluting the streams, performing illegal clearing and grading, diverting the water from streams and shooting people like deer hunters and hikers who stumble across their crop by accident in addition to ripping other growers off. Whadya expect?.

    • Kathy F Buskirk

      Hit it on the head!

    • JoeCommentor

      did they at least use a condom?

    • PhilDeBowl

      Good reasons to Legalize and take it out of the black market.

  • Jeff

    No surprise.

  • Billiam

    These comments are more than half deplorable.

    This article provides good evidence for legalization. Bring this stuff to light and stop abuse.

    • Pothole

      We are the “Deplorables” 8^)

      • Juvenal451

        Which are you, the White Power racist deplorable?

  • G6loq

    Common sense is not that common … something like that.

    • POR1234

      Common sense is uncommon–Voltaire.

    • polyesterday

      I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it.
      Judge of a man by his questions rather than by his answers.
      Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

  • Joe Lovell

    This can’t be right. We all know that only conservative, white, American men exploit women! Ask NOW! Ask Hillary! Ask anyone in the main stream media.

    • theseeker1111

      Yawn. Yet we have Bill Cosby. Anthony Weiner. The list goes on. Stop being ignorant and feeling persecuted every time one of “your” people is called out.
      But be honest- if you even bothered to read the original “article”… it is pretty much unsupported bs… more anti-cannabis propaganda then journalism.

      • Gern Blanston

        It’s anti-cannabis if it doesn’t follow your narrative.
        than..not then my friend

        • theseeker1111

          Hmm. Have you even read the original “story” ? Not much there…

          And if you bothered to read my other comments… has something like this happened in the industry? Yes. But is it as common as at Fox News? Goldman Sachs? The halls of congress? No.

          I’m sorry- but this is a pathetic article lacking of facts, trying to paint an entire industry with massively wide brush strokes.

          30 years around this industry and I have rarely seen anything even vagueley hinting at “sexual harassment” of women. Certainly far, far less then I have in the “real” business world.

    • Juvenal451

      It’s the Hater’s Challenge! The next time you read a restaurant review in the PD, who will be the first to find an angle to dis HRC?

  • theseeker1111

    Yawn. Yes, I’m sure it happens. Roger Ailles and Fox news anyone? Or any and evey other ****** industry in this nation. But OMG- marijuana! What a pathetic story.

    Of course- we can’t dare cover the even larger story of sexual harrasment- the trimmer women who try and manipulate their way to the growers. (or for that matter, reverse the roles- because many of the best growers I know are women).

  • ApewithAK

    Yeah but where else can you make $20 an hour tax free, gossip with your coworkers and smoke weed all day?

    • Phil B

      The City of Santa Rosa?

  • Art Perez

    Common sense? what common sense, they smoke weed all day!!! They wouldnt know common sense if it bit them on the behind!! Its all those burnt brain cells. Duh, which way did he go George?

    • Little Artemio

      But you have no common sense either little arm chair soldier/IT dork wanker

    • theseeker1111

      Yeah. Ok. From someone who has actually, 30+/- years experience around growers and trims? Other then the “young kids” cannabisconsumption is generally far lower then the general population. Many of the best growers I know don’t even really smoke. Same for the best trimmers. Most love the plant. And enjoy on occasion. But from both personal experience and the scientific studies- the person that regularly imbibes for decades is a rare creature indeed (Which is more then I can say for alcohol or tobacco).

    • Juvenal451

      And tomato pickers eat tomatoes all day long?

  • Nick

    How can you claim it’s by someone here? That article was written weeks ago. Blatant

  • rocky

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    • polyesterday

      Main number: (707) 526-8570. Newsroom: (800) 675-5056. Sports: (800) 660-5056. Circulation: (707) 575-7500. CEO: Steve Falk. Executive Editor …Hi Steve.

  • jawbreaker

    stupid ass people doing stupid ass things

  • LoveFor DaGame

    You mean they can’t file a case with the Labor Board for sexual harassment or a hostile workplace? Egads…

  • polyesterday

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    • Juvenal451

      RIP polyesterday….

  • JoeCommentor

    Stupid people do stupid things. Stay stupid, my friends…

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    • Juvenal451

      Pull out, polyesterday….PULL OUT! (oh my God…)

  • Anne

    How many college educations got kicked to the back burner when they realized the money available doing this.

    • Juvenal451

      Or got paid for?

  • Gern Blanston

    These trimmigants must be the “basket of deplorables” that Hillary was referring to.

  • Ed from Rio Nido

    REVEAL is a good journalistic source to subscribe to. Independent and in depth on non-mainstream but substantive issues. Listened to the podcast of this story yesterday.

  • Dave

    So, just so I understand. Working in an industry that is at this time still a federal crime has issues involved? Look, no person should endure any kind of harassment or abuse that assaults them physically or mentally. And those cases should be brought forward no matter what. But unless I missed something and there not a tax return filed with the IRS for income earned from an employer there is not at least a legal avenue to hold an employer accountable.
    Again, nobody should be subjected to this, but I don’t think there is an employer issue here.

  • Tommy

    Time for a DEA raid. It just might stop them from drinking the kool-aid. Just sayin.

  • PhilDeBowl

    Put an end to this abuse, legalize Cannabis.

  • bearass

    There are many reasons in this article to vote fro full legalization in the Golden State. Unfortunately, Those who do unscrupulous things in this business will oppose legalization because it will mean the end to their nefarious behaviors and their illegal profits. I know personally of a family north that owns vast amounts of property bought with quasilegal marijuana and none was taxed. Lets put and end to these criminal enterprises and bring this industry into the light of day.