Strain of the Week: Bubba Kush (Pre 98)

This is the strain that takes you way back. Waaaay back. A pre-2000 strain,  Bubba Kush has a long and storied history, but basically it’s a mix of Bubble Gum and Kush that’s been cloned since the 80s, and possibly longer. Like most cannabis history, some say it came from Pakistan/Afghanistan, where Kush was developed eons ago. Others claim it was developed by a Florida cannabis breeder named Bubba. The world may never know.

An old school favorite, Bubba Kush (Pre98) is predominantly indica, giving it a highly sedative and relaxing effect that’s especially good for pain management.

It has a poddy bulbous structure, intense orange hairs, and fairly good trichome structure.

15-20 percent THC and .23-.32 percent CBD.

This is a fairly common stain and easily acquired through Sonoma County dispensaries. Much harder to find outside California.

  • Adam

    Should be ashamed of yourselves, potheads!

  • Kayla

    When I was a kid who came online to do my current even homework, it was NOT common to find a daily article on pot. Seriously? I’m not against it but certainly against basically advertising to anyone, including children who read the news. This is absurd..

  • Kayla

    Curious who decides what makes the featured article cut and is aware when anyone of any age goes to the main page, one of the first things they see is an article basically recommending cannabis. Nothing safer or more informative could have been in its place? Let the marijuana forums do that.

  • Roberty Dreyer

    When a user compares flavors of his ‘medicine’, it’s recreational use. Hilarious.

  • potblogger

    Please read this article that explains the rationale.
    Like wine, marijuana is a major industry in Northern California and may become legal for recreational use in 2016.


  • Westender

    I personally find it completely insane that anything pot related is on the top of PD Website at any time of the day.
    And I smoked a ton of weed when i was in high school and college. Then I realized my life was going down the drain, so I made some changes, stopping smoking dope was one of them. This is the front page of the local paper, not High Times Magazine!

    I’m in no way “Anti- Pot”, but there needs to be a serious discussion about the effects that it is having on our community.
    1- Housing. People are renting houses, and not living in them, they are turning homes into indoor pot factories, lessening the number of open units.
    2-Energy. While we all love everything organic in NorCal, what good does organic do for the world if it’s grown under high powered indoor lighting. The rooms need to be ventilated and cooled artificially, all three of those things are very energy intensive. That’s why you see stories of people going around their PGE meters. I grew pot for two years, my PGE bills were ridiculous.
    3- Water. Under all that light (And even outdoor grows) the plants suck a boatload of water. Outdoor grows are draining streams and indoor grows are taking it from the municipal supply, but it all comes from somewhere.
    4- KIDS! Kids don’t even try to hide it anymore. At the stoplight, kids hitting joints. I feel like 20 years ago we were smart enough to hide it, but with the quasi legal status, kids don’t hide it. They will continue to go around baked off their gourds all day long. I can’t get back the brain cells I wasted, but that doesn’t mean I don’t regret the waste.

    At the end of the day, it’s still a drug, and it’s still illegal (Unless you’ve got a card. Don’t get me started on that. I got a card when I grew, harder to get a driver’s license. The system is a joke, the ‘industry’ is a joke, the rules are a joke. PD shouldn’t be promoting this. Back in the blogs, OK, I can see that. Pot is important to some people. But front page???
    Not my values. And I’m left of center and generally pro-pot.

  • Johnny Two-Shoes

    I agree with Westender 100%. I am pro-legalization but it is essentially the same as advertising alcohol. Legal, quasi-legal, illegal, it is a DRUG and will continue to be a DRUG regardless of its status as medicine.

    There is no justification whatsoever for having a pot strain review on the front page of the news.

    Where is the editor? This should be buried in the lifestyle or health section of the paper. Pretty outrageous guys.

  • Radicaluous

    Unbelievable. A new low for even the P.D.

  • Ken

    I’m also pro-legalization but find it ridiculous that this is in the Press Democrat (or associated with it) while recreational use is still illegal. Yeah, I agree the PD editor must be high or something.

  • Meetoo

    PD remove this crap now!!!!!

  • James

    Wait a second… This is wine country! How DARE you promote a harmless substance like marijuana when there is ALCOHOL that needs drinkin’?? We come from a long line of alcohol abusers who drink n’ drive & beat our wives! Ain’t gonna let no pot-head hippy ruin that for us! I swear to GAWD I’m gonna shoot the hell out of any weed smokers with my huge gun collection, praise jesus. You know that shootin’ yesterday in Oregon? SAME DAY THAT WEED WAS LEGALIZED. You think that is a coincidence?? POT KILLS. I’ll drink to that, glug glug.

  • Guessed

    While it is quite shocking to see this in the Press Democrat, I don’t think it is a disservice because the information is specific and addresses percentages of CBD, a non-psychoactive canabinoid that kills pain.
    To address the claim all users are just getting high and ruining their life, consider this a unique pioneering time sorting and documenting the real medical therapeutic value in the many canabinoids found in pot like CBC, CBD, CBN, and others, besides the THC. There’s no pharmaceutical development yet. Give it some time. I think the basic science will come in time.

  • James

    You can literally smell all of the old people here. Comments like “it kills brain cells”… My god, some of you people haven’t cracked a book since the 50’s. Put your cocktail and wine glasses down for a second because I’m about to BLOW YOUR MINDS: Marijuana is LEGAL for RECREATIONAL use on the entire west coast with the exception of California. Yes, you read that correctly. Not medical marijuana, RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA. And here is the real kicker: It’s not nearly as harmful or deadly as your precious wine is. If you are outraged about marijuana being consumed legally you may want to find a new planet to live on — but I’d reserve a spot now because it’s rapidly filling up with gun-totin’ bible-thumpin’ morons like yourselves.

  • brian b. real

    And because of the open-minded, inclusive nature of editorial like this, I shall always be renewing my subscription to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. It’s my local newspaper and I’m proud of it on many levels.

  • filmore

    Bubba kush is awesome with cocaine sprinkled on top too

  • Westender

    I’m 37. Not quite in AARP yet. dead brain cells is my words, not scientifically researched, but I was dumber and slower when I was getting baked daily. I will stand behind that comment. Like I said before, I was on a bad path, pot was one a few things I changed. It’s not like I quit smoking weed and gained 30 IQ points.
    Smell the old people. That’s a good one… son.