Cookies Aren’t The Only Things Baking at Grandma’s: Seniors See Benefits to Medical Marijuana

According to this recent report by CBS News, many seniors have begun to explore medical marijuana as an alternative therapy for pain relief. This is surprising to many, as the seniors who are considering medical marijuana came of age during a time when marijuana was known only as an illegal drug.

The 68-year-old interviewed for the article is a retired high school principal who spent her career warning the students against marijuana, only to be introduced to it for medical use by her son. The woman, Sue Taylor, now uses marijuana-infused gummies to help her sleep and has since become an advocate for its use.

Nearly 40 percent of adults 65 and older reported using five or more medications, including some highly-addictive painkillers. More seniors are beginning to use medical marijuana for common pains, like arthritis, in order to avoid becoming dependent on pharmaceuticals.

Doctors have started researching the efficacy of medical marijuana to act as an alternate to using opioid painkillers for relieving discomfort. It’s found that many seniors have begun medical marijuana in various forms including tinctures, oils, and edibles for everyday aches and pains.

View the CBS video here and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


  • Robert Dreyer

    Marijuana is nothing new. Young people think they’re adventurous smoking something their grand parents tried when they were young.
    Also, there is just too much anecdotal evidence to avoid. Marijuana helps a lot of people with pain issues.

  • leron

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  • we learn from our elders so if the wiser ones with grey hair go for medical marijuana for pain relief what is then stopping the younger ones?????