Northbay cannabis farms devastated by fires

(Above photo from Erich Pearson, SPARC)
Wildfires ripping through Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino County have destroyed at least seven cannabis farms, according to reports. Grower industry insiders say that numbers will likely go much higher, and even if farms aren’t decimated, toxic smoke and ash may require farmers to destroy crops.

It’s been a rough year throughout the North Coast cannabis community as legalization led to plummeting flower prices for growers, onerous and costly permitting and ongoing confusion about the path to legal growing.

With harvest in full swing, fires couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Stories are still developing, but here is what we know…

– There are still no solid numbers for the number of farms lost, but according to Leafly, there are between 3,000 to 7,000 marijuana farms in Sonoma County. In Mendocino it’s estimated that there are 7,000 to 10,000 farms. So far there are no solid estimates on how many farms are destroyed or how many crops have been damaged, but Hezekiah Allen told reporters, “If you’re just talking piles of ashes, I think we may be looking at 30 or 40 farms” destroyed, Allen said. “But the broader regional impact will have thousands of farms seeing reduced values, with some having to destroy their crop. Any airborne contamination is going to stick to those buds. And there’s a lot of toxins in that smoke.”

Marijuana farmers are not eligible for crop insurance, emergency relief funds or most loans. Here’s how to help.

– MendoFire: CalGrowers Wildlife Relief Fund has been established to assist growers in need and has so far received more than $7,000 in donations.

Farmers Helping Farmers Gofundme. 

Sonoma Cannabis Company Gofundme

Mendo/Gen Redwood Complex Fund

– SPARC CEO Erich Pearson was at the heart of the Sonoma Valley firestorm on Monday morning, losing much of his Glen Ellen cannabis farm.

– CannaCraft has donated $50,000 of product to local dispensaries for those displaced. Reps think it will last 3-4 weeks. The Santa Rosa business office has donated 12,000 square feet of space to the Red Cross’ Northern California command center.

– TSO Sonoma along with Valhalla, Kiskanu, Sava and Kikoko will hold a benefit “Elevated Happy Hour” in Healdsburg on Oct. 20 from 5:30-7:30pm. DM@tso.sonoma on Instagram for details.

– Sonoma Cannabis Co.’s Sam Edwards posted this instagram picture of his home.

-““The October 2017 firestorm is having an extremely severe impact on our communities,” Allen said. “It is the worst year on record, and the worst year I can remember, in terms of farms lost. We have been able to confirm seven farms lost, but we expect the number to be much higher as more information comes in,” said Allen to the LA Times.

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  • Robert Anderson

    With all that is ongoing, you report on lost pot crops? Amazing!

    • Mitch Clogg

      Marijuana is the highest-yielding cash crop in California, Bob-o.

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      Totally agree with Don. The PD does an article on growing dope during this catastrophe?

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    It is hard to be sympathetic to these people when there is medical study that said children who smoke cannabis before the age of 15 will have a permanently reduce brain size. This cannabis for children especially the second hand smoke that they cannot protect themselves from.

    Hope these will be a lesson to some of them and stay away from planting cannabis.

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      Hope these will be a lesson to some of them and stay away from planting cannabis.”

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      On my job, I have been facing folks who escaped death within minutes from this fire. People from all walks of life. We need, as a community, to have empathy for everyone. Instead of spending time posting vitriol, go out and volunteer to help in this crisis.

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    Terrible tragedy from all involved , the lives lost iis a terrible tragedy, and so many people lost he’s and everything they owned and will be displaced maybe forever. But you can’t differentiate between wineries and canbabis farms. Both alcohol and canbabis can do harm when used irresponsible. But as a chronic pain patient with no other options that help, the cannabis has saved my life and I am grateful for the hard work these farmers do to help oatients like me have legal access. There are numerous medical studies on how much cannabis helps many different diseases.. I pray for your swift recovery. Please ignore the troll comments on this article. They are clearly misinformed and one day, when they are in chronic pain, will find themselves eating their words when it dawns on them they can’t get opiates anymore!

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    Can’t believe the PD sent reporters to do an article on the dope industry during this catastrophe. PD always a cheerleader even at this time. Amazing!

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    Wow! In a time of need like this, who needs these hateful comments. I hope and pray that you weed haters didn’t lose you house….

  • Sad

    Wow! In a time of need like this, who needs these hateful comments. I hope and pray that you weed haters didn’t lose you house….

  • Bodhisattva

    This is sad news, but the important thing is that no farmers lives were lost in these fires.
    I know a few long time outdoor growers up in Humboldt, Trinity and Shasta counties, they did not lose any of their crop this year due to fires, but 2 of them told me that this may be the last year that they grow cannabis.
    It doesn’t have anything to do with the Cannabis Commercialization and Taxation Act (CCATA) why they want to quit.
    It has to do with the facts that everybody and their mother has started to grow on their own property now since it was legalized for healthcare back in 1996.
    There are too many people flooding the market with mediocre cannabis and that has led to major gluts every year and price drops that started 5 years ago. It’s about supply and demand. These people that I know told me that they are still sitting on last years crop, they can’t find any buyers, not even out-of-state brokers want their organic mid-grade pot.
    Now, they are about to harvest this years crop, but can’t afford the trimming costs of $250 per lb., so they have to run their own scissors this year, what a drag, especially when they could be doing all that work for nothing again this year.
    Fires are natural occurrences that happen, but what happened with the outdoor cannabis growing industry is a result of over production and market fluctuations.
    We all have to look at this from the good side, and that is that now the outdoor cannabis growing bubble has burst, and there may be less outdoor pot flooding the market next year.
    That will (hopefully) reduce or eliminate the gluts, and (hopefully) the market will correct itself.
    It is the small batch indoor craft growers that might favor well in the new economy. Right now, top shelf indoor OGK or Durban is worth four times as much as outdoor grown on the wholesale market in CA, and if there is no flood next year, some of these indoor growers actually might be able to serve the needs of a growing healthcare and personal use market, and make a decent living while they are at it.