Sonoma County Town Hall Meetings About Medical Marijuana Happening Through August


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The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors has been holding Town Hall Meetings beginning July 18th, one in each district, to discuss marijuana regulation for the unincorporated areas of Sonoma County. The Board has solicited public opinion. According to, “It is important that our county government sees and hears cannabis community perspective and that the industry wants to work with them to guide the development of new Sonoma County regulations.”

The meetings are open to everyone who wishes to add their input about the future of the cannabis industry in Sonoma County. The Sonoma County Growers Alliance is available to answer questions and assist individuals in framing comments for maximum impact.

While the first two meetings have already passed, there are three more coming up soon;

July 27 – 5:30 PM Sebastopol Grange, Sebastopol
July 28 – 5:30 PM Glaser Center, Santa Rosa
August 2 – 6:00 PM Luther Burbank Center, Santa Rosa

Those who can’t make it to the meetings but want to ensure that their concerns and ideas are recorded, can take the County of Sonoma Online Survey. According to the Sonoma County Growers Alliance, “thoughtful answers will create thoughtful policy.”

  • philbu

    I encourage all interested parties to attend your district meetings.
    There will be five areas covered, agriculture and the environment,
    health and human services, taxation and revenue, economic development,
    and enforcement. The presentations are very brief, with plenty of time
    to ask questions of the task force leaders and even log your comments on
    large papered tables. This is a great chance for you to help form
    county policy as we move toward legitimacy. You can get more details and
    view a pdf of the presentation here: and, by all means, take the survey mentioned. : )

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