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The indoor pot garden’s carbon footprint

The lights, fans, air conditioners, etc. required to grow pot indoors apparently draw a ton of electricity.

Evan Mills, a staff scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California tried — on his own time — to analyze indoor pot’s carbon footprint in a report he released April 5 on his website. He basically looked at the energy required to run all the equipment used in an average indoor operation and crunched those numbers with some out-of-date figures on how much indoor pot plants are being cultivated.

According to Mills, marijuana production’s energy use adds up to:

– The electricity use of 1 million average California homes.

– Greenhouse-gas emissions equal to those from 1 million average cars.

– Energy expenditures of $3 billion per year.

He estimated (in his report, which, again, can be found here) that:

In California, the top-producing state, indoor cultivation is responsible for about 3% of all electricity use or 8% of household use…

Here’s what I want to know, growers: How much does it cost?

Between $50 and $150 per pound for a 25-square-foot indoor pot plot, according to the RAND Corporation’s estimate (in a July 2010 report (found here).

So where’s the green green movement?