Feds to clarify medical marijuana stance

The world has been spinning plenty of marijuana-related news while I’ve been oblivious to the world with an unseasonable influenza (that I hope has not touched any of you).  So let’s catch up…

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday promised that he will clarify the DOJ’s policy on state medical marijuana laws. The Associated Press reports:

“We’re going to bring clarity so that people understand what this policy means and how this policy will be implemented,” Holder said…

Ryan English wheeled boxes of his marijuana out of Sonoma County court 15 months after it was seized. My question is, if only some of it was processed, how did the rest of the plants survive captivity? I can only assume sheriff’s staff weren’t tending to live plants.

Efforts are underway to forge a new city in Humboldt county. Glenda Anderson reports: It’s been dubbed “Emerald City,” a name as whimsical as the effort, critics say.

One letter-writer suggested that closing state parks opens them up to even more land poaching.

Permit woes continue for a Larkfield medical marijuana dispensary.

  • Duke

    I am just wondering if this piece even qualifies to be published?

    What is this? It’s certainly not an article- It reminds me of a piece written by a 10th grade student rushing to put something together right before it’s due-

    Come on- if you’re going to write something, make a point to deliver information, not just throw up a few topics and hope it sticks-

    • Marijuana.Empire

      Duke, sounds like you’re looking for reported articles rather than a blog. Fair enough, and I linked to several stories to give folks just that. My aim is to aggregate stories on the general subject of marijuana so people have a central place to go and discuss. This is a conversational forum, and you’re welcome to participate. Alas, 10th grade was a long time ago.

  • Ken

    How does the govt justify subsidies to tobacco farmers? The govt is complicit in the poisoning of Americans.

    Each year, a staggering 440,000 people die in the US from tobacco use.

    YET WE DON’T OUTLAW TOBACCO … we even subsidize tobacco farmers with our tax dollars!!!!!!

  • A blogger that isn’t paid

    Julie, I believe what Duke was trying to convey was: this blogs attempt to pass itself as a member of the media elite, without having the proper background or footing. The PD has recently been sponsoring numerous blogs (congrats bloggers on cashing-in/selling-out), but many of these blogs reflect personal opinion. But because of the PD’s backing, this personal opinion is taken as news worthy. Are you really trying to inform the public? Or are you keeping them blind-folded?

  • Linda

    Glad to hear you are over the flu. Blogs are opinions by their very name. Don’t let the critics get you down.

  • Sonoma Resident

    Really, Linda? Because I’ve seen better information regurgitated by a toddler.

    I have nothing against Julie or other ‘bloggers’, but I think our media/news-outlets should be held more accountable.