The Emerald Cup takes place Dec. 10 and 11 at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. Photo: Kent Porter.

Preview to Sonoma County’s 13th Emerald Cup 2016

Stricter testing, regenerative farming and dozens of speakers at this year's Emerald Cup

Harvest Box Harvest Party with Natural Cannabis Co.

A party for the cannabis farmers and those who appreciate them
Ten Zen

Art And Marijuana Meet For a VIP Event in Santa Rosa

Natural Cannabis and the Slate Contemporary art gallery teamed up to throw an invitation-only art show and cannabis tasting event.
The Emerald Cup takes place Dec. 10 and 11 at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. Photo: Kent Porter.

Great Finds at the Emerald Cup 2015

CBD's, Biodynamic Growing among trends at the Emerald Cup 2015

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‘Trimmigrants’ Are Looking For Easy Summer Work; Some Marijuana Growers Are Looking For Something...

In the Emerald Triangle, a lot of money can be made as a seasonal trimmer on marijuana farms during the late summer harvest. But for young women, the risks are high, and sexual abuse is common.

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Marijuana Car Accident

Legal Doesn’t Mean Safe: Fatal Car Accidents Rise in States With Legal Marijuana

The AAA safety foundation recently released a report that found a strong correlation between states with legalized marijuana and an increase in fatal car accidents.

Did a Russian River pot grower overstep?

That's the question a Sonoma County Superior Court judge may face as the case of three West County pot growers begins.

Trimmigrants headed to the Emerald Triangle for harvest season

Editor's Note: Marijuana Empire is a Press Democrat blog about the booming business opportunities and evolving medical marijuana culture in Northern California. PD Staff writer...

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Are wine and weed on a collision course in the North Bay?

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High Art: You’ll feel stoned just looking at this

Trippy art winners of Natural Cannabis' yearly 'High Art' contest
pot party

Philly smoke sesh busted with 22 arrests. Bummer.

The war on drugs rages on. Californians roll their eyes.