Calling all growers: fire prevention tips

An attached garage of a Sonoma Valley home was just about destroyed last night in a fire officials said may have been caused by a heat lamp.

These fires keep popping up.

Patients, what are your tips to run a safe indoor medical marijuana garden?

  • Westender

    Shouldn’t people be growing their weed outside? Seems liek we have a really good growig climate here, or maybe energy consumption isn’t something people care about anymore… How many KW/H does it take to grow one ounce of indoor?
    IMHO indoor farmers aren’t doing much to help the world’s energy consumption problems…

  • Dar

    Hire an electrical contractor and do the electrical correctly from the get go. Most of these fires are caused by electrical/wiring problems.

  • Jawbreaker

    People on drugs that grow more drugs.
    SAFETY is not “high” on their priority list.

  • joni

    well make sure your lights are secure with chain, and your traking is set right,

  • Shaun Rupp

    First of all If you use the medicine you grow then you need a non use to help you, I have built quite a few rooms here in the bay area and the users are to damn lazy to stay on top of things. The number one rule I would have to tell everyone is NO MATTER WHAT ALL POWER LINES CORDS AND SUCH STAYS ABOVE THE WAIST AND ALL WATER LINES RESERVOIRS STAY BELLOW THE WASTE That might help stop half the fires and the other half learn how to figure out how much amps is need per light and don’t overload the wires If its a little ways from the breaker panel then its gonna drop that rating that was at the panel.