Bong sells for $100k?


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Think bongs aren’t art? Think again. This weekend, a spectacular “functional glass” pipe allegedly sold for more than $100,000 in a private auction. The bong was a collaboration between artists Scott Depee of Mothership Glass (Bellingham, Wa) and Sagan Glass, and included a marble that was launched into space in 2015. (Here’s the video) Social media exploded at the news of the sale at a West Coast glass event with the hashtag #thousanddollarsmoke, though insiders say this isn’t the first glass pipe sold in the six-figure zone, and several other pieces at the show sold for more than $50,000. Since it was a private auction, details are pretty hazy, and inquiries to the artists went unanswered. However, there are rumors that the piece will land in the Bay Area. The pipe stands around 10 inches tall, adorned with more than 30 “moon” marbles and brilliant blue, green and black colors that swirl and sparkle. Mothership makes the most sought after and expensive  clear glass on the market, commanding upwards of $5,000 for their most basic pieces. Sagan is known for his space scenes and moon sculptures.



High end pieces have been a growing trend over the past years.  I’ve found that Peacepipe smoke shop is the local honeyhole for art glass, or headies. People like to express themselves through their pieces (bongs), and some people get into it more than others.  A well known artist will usually have a specific and usually unique style, form or shape. Some are clear or colored glass with scientific percolation, but my favorites are shaped like plants,  animals, fumed with precious metals to look like space, or geometric wonders like retticello. At this rate it is hard to say what the ceiling of this art market is, but it will be interesting to watch.

buck x darby colab

buck x darby colab


  • Don Mann

    Is this necessary? Marijuana is a drug and while I agree that it should be used for medicinal purposes I do not see the incentive of having it promoted or advertised on this site.

  • Rex Faktor

    Don, they’re planning equal representation of high-end wine glasses as well…I think…

  • Don Mann

    I think I’ve graduated to the big time as it seems I’ve acquired an imposter. Let it be known that the comment posted at 11:59 a.m. above did not come from me.

  • HurdyGurdyMan

    Ridiculous. One good swing of the bat and what have you got? Nothing.

  • steele

    Thanks Chris for this riveting piece of useless information. I hear Rolling Stone has some openings why not do us all a favor and apply. Enough with the Pot glorification already.

  • Robert Dreyer

    We’ve gone into the bizarre.
    Maybe the maker should send one to El Chapo.

  • Bob Overkeck

    El Chapo doesn’t do drugs…

  • K

    all you get your panties out of your ass. Just because you don’t smoke doesn’t mean it isn’t art. YOUR OPINION means nothing to anyone. That’s why it’s yours. Educate yourself before you talk shit

  • Mark


  • dave

    this is a rapidly rising art industry people. It’s best to support it and the artists than condemn it! It’s a nice relief to see young people backing art again. if the bong bugs you, try not to view it as that. These are some of the most talented glass artists in the world and they fought for decades to get recognition for their underground art.

  • Htown1

    Its funny how all of you could call cannabis a drug. You all are probably fine with alcohol, the probibition on cannabis is soon to be over. And alchohol will always be a deadly substance.

  • They hit amazing its pretty crazy but its art also have an egg by mothership paid 2 gs and i love it pluss can sell it for more now considering it came out in the second batch of eggs ever!

  • Its art and they hit amazing paid 2 gs for an egg love it can sell it for more now but i never will!

  • If you think this is art (and I am not disagreeing) you should attend an A.G.E. or Champs event! The creative pieces displayed will blow your mind!

  • christy aka moms brownies

    Glass is ART; This is beautiful; BUT I’d NEVER own such a piece, for #1 I LIVE IN CALIFORNIA, and it’s rockin’ like a babies cradle & #2 as an OCD’er I’d have to clean it too much…..
    Its not about weed, its about FUNCTIONAL ART.
    I have many pieces, all but 4 clear, for that reason. The solid ones (BORO etc) are ART, on my MANTLE

  • Holy cow that thing is gorgeous! I think it’s more of an art piece than anything, I mean who would risk breaking that thing?

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  • Use a cheap bowl more money for weed lmao.