Author: Guy Kovner

A look at Proposition 64- Should marijuana be legalized in California?

California voters, who were the first in the nation to legalize marijuana for medical use two decades ago, will now decide whether to join a parade of states that are allowing adults to use it simply for pleasure. Their decision on Proposition 64 will have a profound impact on California’s North Coast, the largest producer of marijuana in the United States, with ramifications for the region’s economy, drug use, the environment, government tax revenue and the community of small growers who produce some of the most coveted cannabis in the world. If approved, one study suggests, it would create...

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Fight Looms Over Location of Medical Marijuana Farms in Sonoma County

Sonoma County is putting out a welcome mat for the medical marijuana industry, but it may not be as big as the industry would like as it emerges from the legal shadows. Under California’s new medical marijuana law, cities and counties are allowed to regulate the location of pot-growing sites and other cannabis-related businesses, which may not obtain a state license until they have secured a local land use permit. “We’re all here this morning because we believe there’s a bright future for cannabis in our community,” county Supervisor Efren Carrillo told a crowd of about 300 cannabis industry...

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High Expectations for Sonoma County Pot Industry

Like an ocean liner emerging from the fog, Sonoma County’s marijuana industry is being recognized as a potentially lucrative economic force with immense promise. Just how lucrative, though, is difficult to quantify. By one estimate, more than 60,000 adults in the county — equal to the population of Petaluma —are regular consumers of a minimally regulated and still largely illegal commodity that could account for about $126 million in cannabis product sales a year, said Terry Garrett, co-manager of Sonoma County Go Local, an alliance of businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. Garrett issued his estimates this week at...

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