This Ex-Apple Employee Takes ‘Think Different’ To A New Level: Creates Line of Gourmet Marijuana Chocolate


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 According to this recent article in the Business Insider, creating marijuana edibles has become one of the newest vocations for an ex-Apple employee who had been involved in a career as a production manager for Apple in the Bay Area.

Eric Eslao moved on from the tech giant to create Défoncé Chocolatier, and he credits what he learned at Apple as the way that he decided to run his new company:

“Working at Apple, you’re constantly just revving new versions [of products]…We want that to be part of the culture at this company. Something might be awesome, but you just have to keep on pushing to make it better and better,” he recently told Tech Insider.

What makes his chocolate stand out from other edibles is the precise dosing that can be found in each bar, making it user-friendly and almost fail-safe for those new to using edibles as a way to medicate themselves. Each bar contains 180 milligrams of THC, which would be too high of a concentration if taken all at once, but divided up as it is into 18 different ‘pyramids’ of chocolate, which contain 10-milligrams of THC in each, knowing how much to take becomes much less of a guessing game.

Eslao states that Défoncé uses a concentrated cannabis extract called CO2 oil, which distributes the THC in the bar much more evenly, as opposed to using weed-infused butter. According to, this way of dosing not only makes it more user-friendly, the bars themselves also have an aesthetically pleasing design.

  • Robert Jacobsen

    Narcotic Edible Marijuana madness.Enjoy users ;but never eat to much or quickly,( especially young Jimmy and Mary ) .Follow our food rules and you will have only a limited chance of overdosing with paranoia & hallucinations . Local Emergency rooms are generally overdosed experienced and child friendly . Read about the Colorado edible narcotic marijuana madness in the July 1 ,2016 issue of Fortune. There are many really angry citizens.

    • Wire Paladin

      my best friend in high school was killed because the driver of the car he was in was DUI… sure there will be some abusers but you are just paranoid. More people die from DUIs than terrorists but we’re all terrified of a terrorist attack and spend billions to prevent it… STUPID PEOPLE

  • Smurf412

    I would posit that having prescription meds, alcohol, power tools, swimming pools, animals, stoves, matches, ect…..all pose a danger to children. This is no different. It is up to the parent to make sure these medications, like any other medications, or other dangerous items/substances, be locked up, and safe from their children and their pets.

    • Robert Jacobsen

      Why is Chocolate marijuana , a harmful food s being sold to the young .Why did this ever happen ? It is not comparable to a stove ,matches and power tools. Please wake up and read the legitimate medical research.

      • Tom O.

        Chocolate mj is sold to the young here in California? MJ is about feeling better, no different than have a few beers or glasses of wine or highballs.

      • agirlandagarden

        It is regulated if you have been following the news and will be regulated more of the vote passes.

        It has warning labels, children should not be using it, pregnant women can make decisions for themselves and it can help control a number of ailments for dogs. It is an extremely effective medicine.

        I am a medical user with a fractured pelvis. Cannabis is better the any narcotic pill that makes me foggy plus a ton of other side effects.

        Read the current research and stop with the refer madness. It’s not the 1950’s anymore.

      • Steve Evans

        Reefer madness has been debunked…you are an idiot sir…

  • El Conquistador

    Here is a great conspiracy theory: The Demos want people to eat the chocolates so they can be high and vote for Hillary. You would have to be high to vote for her.LOL